Spectrum CRM System

Spectrum, Prism’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system sits at the hub of all of our systems


Customer Relationship Management strategies are more important to business today than they have ever been. After all, retail success depends upon fully utilizing your retail marketing solutions to develop long-lasting customer relationships. This kind of loyalty can only be fostered by retailers who have access to the latest and most accurate information about their customers. Spectrum enables retailers to truly offer a customer focused shopping experience and target specific customers for certain promotions.

Spectrum sits at the hub of all Prism systems and processes and stores customer and transaction data for all channels. Fully compliant with the latest PCI DSS standards, it is simple and intuitive to use, while providing full visibility of near real-time transaction data at a granular level.

Supporting multi-channel, multi-currency, multi-tender type, global market territories and pricing, with a single overview of stock at all stock locations, Spectrum empowers users to provide excellent customer service from any location.

Get a better understanding of your customers and target individual customers with tailor-made promotions

Key Features

Web based interface
Spectrum CRM is delivered via any standard browser over the internet and can be accessed, subject to a valid username and password combination being used, from any location that has internet access. Prism DM recommends the use of Google Chrome as the browser for Spectrum, which also allows for an application short cut for ease of access to be created on your desktop.

Multi-Channel Platform
There is a growing need to offer customers a multi-channel ordering experience which in turn requires a multi-channel Customer Service platform. In this, Spectrum delivers.
Spectrum is the master platform from which website, telephone, mail order and EPOS systems feed their information on customer activities.
This provides one Customer Service solution covering all areas of a business. In turn, this allows companies to grow and offer a wider range of services to their customers as they will be safe in the knowledge that they have a platform to support their growth needs.

Near Real-Time Transactions
A continuous cycle of processing eliminates down-time for a user increasing the efficiency within the Customer Service Department

Customer Services
Many of Spectrum’s functions have been built with Customer Services in mind. Its capabilities stretch far beyond simply placing an order and viewing a customer’s history.

Product Search

Due to its multi-channel capabilities, Spectrum offers the user the ability to search for products that are not only located in a warehouse but also in shops and concessions alike (via the connection with Prism’s EPOS System).
The product search interface allows the user to search for stock located inside and outside of its current country location (if applicable) as well as offering a smart approach to product search (no longer reliant upon the knowledge a product code).

Integrated Systems

Spectrum has been designed to fully integrate with Prism’s other service solutions.
Giving you the ability to synchronise elements of each of these systems to further aid the user:

Fraud Monitoring

As the need for card fraud monitoring increases, Spectrum’s built in screening module allows the user to dictate the criteria for all monitoring from value of order to country of origin.