Shop Despatch System (SDS)

Make every piece of stock available for immediate sale

Shop Despatch System (SDS)


The Prism Shop Despatch System is typically used by multi-channel retailers who don’t want to lose the sale of the last piece when it is in a store and not in a warehouse. Now it is possible to leverage your stores and turn them into mini-fulfilment and customer service centres. Minimise product miles by fulfilling a direct order from the store nearest to the customer. Relieve strain on your main Distribution Centre by spreading the load at peak. All of this can be achieved whilst actually improving service to your customers.

Key features and benefits of the Shop Despatch System

Simple to use and a real time browser based system allows for any order, traditional or online, to be fulfilled from any stock point, whilst maintaining complete visibility of the customer transaction, with no additional customer contact required.

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