Contact Centre

Contact Centre – at the heart of Customer Service


Prism’s in-house contact centre provides a high quality customer experience on your behalf. With 100 seats we are able to manage all of your customer service contacts points with ease: Phone, Emails, Post and Fax. Prism offers the technical infrastructure, process expertise and management experience to deal with all of your customer services requirements to your brand standards.

Prism also offers a data entry service for coupons, postal orders and catalogue requests, and we can take care of any banking processing on your behalf as necessary.

All of our services are certified as compliant to the latest PCI DSS standard.

Our agents have the same end to end visibility of all data to communicate effectively with all of your customers – any time.

Whatever the stage of their order, the status of your stock, the method of order, or the status of their account, our agents are trained to deal quickly with any customer contact in a friendly and professional fashion, in accordance with your service policies.

You can have up to 100 real people available 7 days a week to advise, sell, or reassure your customers, by telephone, email or post.¬†In short, we’ll deliver a complete service to your customers that will positively differentiate you from your competitors.