We believe in the application of current technology to benefit your business.

That’s why our ecommerce solutions can not only give you an advanced, fully-featured Web Shop presence, but also support internet communications with your management, trading locations, suppliers and customers wherever they may be.

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Our experienced in-house software engineers will implement your designs and achieve full connectivity to the rest of your operational systems. Hosting on our servers provides 24hr 365days continuous service and maintenance for your on-line customers and remote business links via VPNs. And with browser based applications for secure access by your own team, your suppliers and operational partners, you can all see the full picture at any time.

All of your internet needs are catered for, and fully integrated with your operational systems.

Our communication services include e-mail broadcast, text messages, e-cards and wish lists amongst others, and we deal with responses and the maintenance of your opt-ins / opt-outs / preference flags too. Plus you have complete visibility and can track all traffic through Prism Net, our on-line reporting suite.

In short, we’ll deliver a complete, convenient and reliable service to your on-line customers that will compliment your other channels to market. We call it Prism-Mall.

Now with Mobile-commerce┬ánow accounting for about one out of every five e-commerce order, it’s is essential for retailers and marketers to start making their site Mobile. read more…